Kork gult stórt BPB9800

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The BPB Bacell™ Purse Seine Floats are manufactured from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) to our in-house developed raw material recipe. 
Advanced production technology guarantees floats of superior quality. The grommets are a part of the products from stage one in the production cycle and thus form an integrated part of the finished products.
BACELL™ floats are light in weight, have very high tensile strength and do not absorb any water. The outstanding elasticity of the Bacell™material provides floats that have the highest resistance to shrinkage, permanent deformation and breakage.


Vekt 1,61 kg

Fishing gear / Fiskireiðskapur


Fishing gear / Fiskireiðskapur


Fishing gear / Fiskireiðskapur